French Drains

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French drain being installed in the ground. Boulder Falls provides quality french drain installation services in Vancouver WA and Camas WA.

What Are French Drains?

The goal of French drain installation is to move water from where you don’t want it to another location where it can’t do any harm. It begins by digging a channel that moves the water in a downhill direction and away from where you would prefer not to have it collecting. The trench is filled with rocks or gravel and a pipe that is designed to allow the water to seep into the earth over a larger area. Water flows into the channel and through the piping system to be released at a safe distance. The result is less standing water and less damage to desirable landscaping features.

French Drain Installation Solves Water Problems on Property

The Pacific Northwest is a uniquely beautiful part of the country. Unfortunately, taming a small corner of that beauty is no easy task. This is mostly because of the combination of clay soil and heavy rains. If not managed effectively, those two factors can conspire to wreak havoc on the landscape, cause flooding in and around structures and place undue pressure on retaining walls.

Fortunately, property owners have an affordable and elegant solution to this problem in the form of French drains. French drain installation is a straightforward project that maximizes water dispersal so that this powerful force of nature is far less likely to damage carefully planned landscaping features. A functional French drain design also may divert water away from the foundation of buildings, eliminating standing water and making flooding less likely.

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French Drain Design

The professionals at Boulder Falls Landscape will design and install a customized French drain system just for you. With many years of experience in the field of landscape drainage, our designers are well equipped to figure out a plan that helps to eliminate standing water and erosion problems on your property.

French drain installation may be appropriate in the following areas:

  • Water collecting from the condensate line of central heating and air system
  • Standing water near structures and in lawns
  • Near a retaining wall

The water may be diverted anywhere you wish. Some examples include:

  • The street
  • A dry well
  • A nearby drainage ditch
  • A lower-lying point on your property

French drain design by the experienced contractors at Boulder Falls Landscape may be just what you need to solve water issues on your property. Contact us today for an inspection.