Tree And Shrub Pruning Services

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Trees, shrubs, and hedges are a vital part of any landscape. Whether they provide shade, color or an eye-catching focal point, it’s important that they are pruned regularly. In addition to making the yard more attractive. Regularly scheduled pruning services ensures that plants stay healthy and robust.

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Advantages of Regular Pruning

pruning services In Vancouver WA and Camas Washington from Boulder Falls LandscapeEveryone has seen yards where walkways and windows are partially covered by overgrown vegetation. In addition to making your property look unappealing, these conditions also prevent natural light from entering your home and can attract pests. The solution to this is pruning. However, trimming back trees and shrubs aren’t as simple as heading into the yard with some clippers. It requires strategy and skill or else you run the risk of killing your shrubs.

Professional Pruning Services

We at Boulder Falls are experts when it comes to pruning bushes. Pruning improves the look of almost any plant or tree. It refines its shape, removes dead limbs, and helps it grow better. Most people are surprised to learn just how affordable it can be to have their pruning projects performed by a professional.
Boulder Falls Landscape is prepared to take on pruning in yards throughout Southwest Washington. Technicians can provide pruning services on the following common yard elements:

  • Shrubs
  • Hedges
  • Trees
  • Ornamental grasses
  • Evergreens
  • Perennial plants

Pruning not only makes any yard look well maintained but also, it’s good for the health of the plant. A well-trained technician can quickly and easily identify branches that are damaged or dead, targeting them for removal. Selectively thinning bushes and trees similarly makes it possible for sunlight to reach the plant’s interior, which means enhanced air circulation. Plants that get pruned regularly and appropriately enjoy denser growth, better color, and bigger blooms. With so many reasons why pruning is good for plants, it’s easy to see why it makes sense to turn this chore over to the professionals. Boulder Falls Landscape provides a full range of pruning services to homeowners throughout the Vancouver, Washington area. Call Boulder Falls Landscape at 360-991-1347 to schedule service today.