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Landscape Designer at Boulder Falls Landscape serving Vancouver WA and Camas WAWhen it comes to picking the right landscape designer for your landscape and maintenance needs it can be challenging to select which landscape company will provide you with the best service. Here at Boulder Falls, we understand that you have options when choosing a landscape contractor, which is why we always have references available for our potential customers. We believe in transparency and we want to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about which landscape designer you believe to be the right fit for you. In addition, we also proudly offer free estimates for landscaping projects because we understand that getting the most value for your money is important, and we want you to feel good about choosing us for your new and exciting landscaping endeavor.

As leaders in landscape construction, we take pride in the landscape designer services we provide because we know they are of the highest quality in the field. We are a team of dedicated landscape professionals that go above and beyond for quality assurance. With every landscaping project we complete, we are inspired by the satisfaction that we know our customers feel. Transforming outdoor spaces into functional and comfortable spaces is what we do best.

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Wood Structures

Wood Structure Designer at Boulder Falls Landscape serving Vancouver WA and Camas WAAnother highly sought-after landscaping construction service provided by Boulder Falls includes the construction and installation of wood structures. Wood features are a terrific addition to any outdoor living space as they provide warmth and depth to landscaping that is very enjoyable. They can appear organic to outdoor spaces as they blend in nicely and provide a sturdy foundation for softscaping.  Here are just a few of the most popular outdoor wood structure options available to our valued customers in Vancouver WA.

  • Benches
  • Gates
  • Pergolas
  • Gazebos
  • Fences
  • Planter boxes
  • Decks
  • Arbors
  • Trellises’
  • Patio covers

If you have your own ideas for a wooden feature to be constructed by an experienced landscape designer, let’s discuss it. Here at Boulder Falls we want to give you a landscape design that will excite and satisfy you. We can use natural or synthetic wood for your structure depending on your preferences and budget. It is our goal to use the highest quality materials possible for your wood feature landscaping construction project, and we strive to use specific materials that you request whenever possible. Depending on the wooden feature of your choice, you may need drainage services to preserve its integrity. Boulder Falls is also happy to assist with any drainage services that will be needed in tandem with wood feature construction and installation.


Hardscape Designer at Boulder Falls Landscape serving Vancouver WA and Camas WAOf course, plant selection and placement expertise are vital when it comes to landscaping construction however it is the quality of hardscape options and craftsmanship that truly sets a landscaping company apart from the rest. Hardscapes include all the non-living aspects of landscape design and requires an additional set of skills that many traditional landscaping companies simply do not offer. Hardscape planning and design should always take place before softscaping as it provides a foundation for the entire landscape. Boulder Falls not only offers accomplished plant composition services, we also offer leading hardscape services in the Vancouver, WA area. We provide the highest level of installation expertise for both residential and commercial applications. Some of our most popular hardscape services include:

  • Driveways
  • Outdoor Fire Pits & Fireplaces
  • Patios
  • Poolscapes
  • Retaining Walls
  • Sidewalks and Walkways

Boulder Falls offers complete hardscape construction services for any size project large or small. No matter the size of the project, you are guaranteed to get the same level of attention and service. When you choose Boulder Falls for hardscape construction services, you will get professionals that will work with you every step of the way. We also offer hardscape design services as well. Perhaps you have some ideas you want to bounce off a certified landscaping professional, or are looking for some guidance in making hardscape decisions. Whatever your landscape construction needs may be Boulder Falls wants to provide you with the best service available to you.

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French Drains

Proper drainage of water is essential to maintaining a healthy foundation, preventing water from drowning the lawn, controlling the growth of undesirable organisms, and minimizing soil erosion. The problem is that drainage is not always easy to obtain. Perfect drainage requires changing the overall grade to a property, which is costly in terms of both labor and time. French drain systems represent one of the better options for minor to moderate drainage problems.

The beauty of French drain systems is that the drain can start in a small area. The water can be diverted an area of several square feet, which allows for more water to seep into the ground nearby. Boulder Falls landscape contractor will ensure the plan for French drain installation is a perfect solution for your drainage issues.

Landscape Lighting

One thing to understand about outdoor lighting is that it is a unique product of the individuals who install it. We are excellent at providing our customers with lighting solutions designed to be effective, safe, and easy-to-use. Whether you want your lights to work with a switch or a timer, we can help. We also install solar lights if you’re interested in cutting power costs. Solar lights are highly energy efficient. No matter which design or light source you’d like we’ll provide you with quality landscape lighting.

The greatest benefit of our service to our customers is the way we present solutions to them. We do not select one or two options for our clients. We work alongside them to present individual lighting options while working to achieve an overall effect that is both desirable and effective with regards to the goals of the landscape lighting.

Water Features

Water Feature Designer at Boulder Falls Landscape serving Vancouver WA and Camas WAClose your eyes and imagine your ideal outdoor landscape design. What do you see? Many of our customers tell us that they imagine a customized water feature as the icing on the cake. Although many customers desire a customized outdoor water feature, it can be a difficult sell because of the maintenance associated with them. However, we do offer water feature solutions that require very little maintenance.

We also offer elaborate and extensive water feature construction services as well, if you really want to take your landscaping to the next level. The design options you have are nearly endless. If you can dream it, we will strive to make it happen. Waterfalls, water gardens, garden ponds, water fountains, koi ponds, birdbaths and more! Boulder Falls offers water features of many varieties to meet your landscaping needs. The tranquil sound of a water feature also does wonders in blocking out traffic noises in busy areas.
In addition to quality water feature installation, we also offer maintenance services for water features. We would be delighted to keep your water features looking and functioning at its best.

Artificial Grass Installation

Our artificial grass is not like your grandparent’s fake green patio carpet. Our synthetic grass products are made from premium materials. They’re not only designed to last, but they also look realistic. Our artificial grass is comprised of 1 ½ inch green blades mixed with brown blades to mimic the look of a natural lawn.

Ready to transform your lawn and make your neighbors jealous? Artificial grass is the way to go. It provides the look and feel of natural turf without the maintenance. One great thing about artificial grass is that it can be cut to fit any space. So if you want to complete your look with stone pavers, you can!