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Built-in grill in homeowner's backyard. Boulder Falls provides built-in grills in Vancouver WA and Camas WA.Cozy seating, built-in grills, and immaculate lighting are just some of the design elements that make up an outdoor living oasis. Outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. They provide a place for relaxation while putting nature at arm’s reach. If you want to bring your dream outdoor living space to life, Boulder Falls can help. We’re proud to offer custom-built outdoor kitchens suited to your home and tailored to your budget. Contact us for your free personalized estimate!

Below are some schematics of our built-in grills in addition to a link to Bull Grills, which we provide for our custom outdoor kitchens.

10' Kitchen Design

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6' Kitchen Design

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Outdoor kitchen and deck. Boulder Falls in Vancouver WA provides custom outdoor kitchens.

Built-in Grill

If you like getting your friends or family together to enjoy each other’s company, have fun and cook outdoors, an outdoor kitchen may be a great amenity. Utilizing a built-in grill can be an excellent way to hold a social affair and cook a delicious meal, whether you’re serving barbecued steaks or chicken.

Using a built-in grill in a designated space in your backyard offers more convenience and reduces having to hustle in and out of your home when you’re cooking rib eyes or t-bones. It’s like having a mini kitchen providing all you require to produce a delicious tasting meal, and it allows you to interact with friends and family who are hanging out with you. After cooking, you’ll be able to converse with guests and won’t need to haul all your grilling equipment back into the house.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen available in your backyard allows you to create a fantastic meal and still spend time with everyone who’s there hanging out. We can help you design a spacious layout that incorporates beautiful landscaping and a top-of-the-line Bull Gas Grill.

Outdoor Kitchen Design

Some elements to consider when you’re designing this area is to add lighting. Doing so allows you to keep grilling even when the sun goes down. Incorporating hardscaping elements into the area, like a walkway, retaining wall or eye-appealing stones from Boulder Falls can also add an extra touch of class and functionality.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Extending your entertainment space from the inside of your home to an outside area can come in handy. It’s a perfect space to use during celebrations or when you just want to have a couple of friends over after work.

If you’d like to learn more about taking your vision and turning it into reality, contact us today to get started. We provide Bull Grills and we’ve been providing the greater Vancouver WA area with landscaping and hardscaping services for years!

Bull Kitchens is our Preferred Vendor for Grilling Equipment.

We can build outdoor kitchens to fit any preferred equipment, however we stand by the quality of Bull Kitchens. To learn more about their offerings, click here.