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Artificial Turf Installation

Front yard artificial grass

No More Mud! No More Mowing!

Boulder Falls Landscaping is proud to offer artificial turf installation. Our artificial turf is not like your grandparents’ fake green patio carpet. Our synthetic grass products are made from premium materials and offer a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Designed to last and look realistic, our artificial grass is made to mimic the look of a natural lawn.

Artificial turf is also Eco-friendly. We use grass made from recycled materials, helping reduce emissions from gas-powered lawn devices. And without necessary watering, you’ll be conservating water while saving money.

With artificial grass, you’ll have the look and feel of grass without the hassle of maintenance. Whether for your putting green or entire yard, we’ll create a custom design that best suits your lifestyle.

Benefits of Artificial Turf


Very little maintenance; just sweeping with a stiff broom or blowing off with blower


Durable, UV stabilization protects it from color fading


Eco-friendly: recycled materials that help reduce gas emissions by not needing to mow


Versatility: artificial grass can be installed on rooftops, dog runs, or in your own yard


Built to last: most artificial turf is designed to last


No more pest problems


No more mud!


Lush, green lawn all year long


Water conservation



Pets gravitate to artificial turf, so you won’t have to deal with mud-tracks after letting them out to do their business.

Cost For Artificial Turf

The cost of artificial grass can vary depending on the size of your project, existing grass removal, and ground preparation. While artificial turf can be costly initially, it will pay for itself in 3 to 5 years on average. If you’d like a more accurate cost of your artificial grass installation, contact us, we provide free estimates!

Dog with paw prints on carpet
Front yard artificial grass

How Artificial Turf Is Installed

Interest in synthetic grass has increased because of the reduced maintenance and water conserve conservation. 

  1. Base preparation: We install 4-6 inches of plate compacted gravel base with a dusting of 1/4 over the top for a solid base.
  2. Position and trimming: Debris and dirt are removed from the top layer of soil before the artificial grass is placed into position. The turf is then rolled out, seamed where necessary and nailed down using 6 inch galvanized spikes.
  3. Securing: Final trims are made, and grass rolls are secured to the base using nails and seaming tape when necessary.
  4. Filling: We sweep the artificial grass with a power broom to get the blades standing straightup, then we apply a natural sand fill evenly over the area for a polished look.

Professionals in Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial turf is rapidly becoming the go-to solution for pet owners in our region. With our rainy climate lasting months, artificial grass helps keep your home clean and odor-free. The non-toxic materials used in high-quality turf products protect pets from harmful pesticides and fertilizers, making it a healthy choice for your furry family members. It’s perfect for energetic pets and offers a practical, attractive, and safe outdoor environment for dogs to enjoy year-round. The natural green sand we use for weight and to help hold fibers up is non-toxic to your pets.

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