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Seasonal Clean Up – Spring Clean Up – Fall Clean Up – Winter Clean Up

Seasonal clean up is a critical part of maintaining a neat and healthy yard. Without it, pests and diseases thrive while desirable plants don’t get the nutrients, air, and sunlight that they need to survive. Keeping a yard clean and well maintained is a big job. Fortunately, Boulder Falls Landscaping is here to help. We provide expert seasonal cleanup services for homeowners throughout the Vancouver WA metro area.

What Does Seasonal Clean Up Involve?

At Boulder Falls Landscaping, we’ll do whatever you need to get your property ready for the next season including:




Lawn edging


Lawn mowing








Tree trimming




Weed control


Lawn aeration


Flower bed and garden box clean up


Leaf and yard debris removal

Spring Clean Up

In the spring, as yards and gardens start to come back to life, you’ll want to make sure your plants have everything they need to thrive when winter ends. That means getting rid of dead foliage and fallen leaves. This debris can aid in the development of diseases as well as smother plants.

Spring is also the time to prepare lawns for seeding. We can remove damaged turf and dethatch your lawn to help provide thicker healthier grass. We’ll also prune your shrubs and trees and redefining the edges and borders of your lawn.

Fall Clean Up

The changing leaves look gorgeous until they end up scattered across your lawn and garden. If this debris is allowed to sit, it can wreak havoc on the health of various plants and grasses. Debris and moisture is also inviting to pests including ants, rats, and mice.

We’ll rake up leaves, prune trees & shrubs, compost leaves & grass clippings, and even cut your grass to prepare it for the winter season to come.

Winter Clean Up

Although your lawn and plants may be dormant during winter, you can still take care of them. In fact, pruning during mid to late winter is often more beneficial for some shrubs and trees because it helps them support new growth for those remaining branches. Worried about cutting too much or not cutting correctly? We are knowledgeable about plants, trees, and shrubs and we know how to properly prune each type. Pruning is very important especially for fruit-bearing and flowering trees.

During the winter also comes unexpected yard damage. A storm could knock down a tree branch and the deicer can damage your lawn. Our experienced landscaping experts will clean up and haul away any type of yard debris you have and help protect your property for the next season.

Let Us Provide Season Cleanup Services

Whatever the season, a thorough yard clean up makes it far easier to enjoy the full beauty and functionality of lawns and gardens. Contact Boulder Falls Landscape to learn more about spring and fall yard cleanup services that keep houses looking their best throughout the year.


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