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Excavation before

Excavation before pavers

Concrete removal

Hauling away the concreteStairs before

Before shot of stairs

Stairs before

This is a challenging landscape project in Washougal WA.  We are doing a partial over lay on concrete and a normal gravel base paver patio.  What makes this hard is blending the two surfaces.  Since the sand on the concrete will be significantly less then the sand over the gravel we need to make sure we adjust for compaction properly.  Adding to the complication is the two man hole covers we have to go over and yet make accessible.

Spray Painted Stairs

The idea behind the stairsThe stair are now removed and we are conceptualizing what we will do with the new steps.  Because the new old stairs had a facia plate, my design of only doing two steps leading out of the man door is scrubbed.  I have to do a three stair system and I’m trying to do it without adding cost to the home owner.  Time to get creative.  We also discovered a sewer clean out to the left of the single man door that we have to work around.Holland Harvest pavers in Washougal WAPisa 2 Step system

Split Faced Cinder Block Flower Planter

Mortar block planter box

Finish Paver Patio in Washougal WA

Pisa 2 steps with Patio Paver

Pisa 2 Step systemHolland Harvest pavers in Washougal WA

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