Pergola Installation

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Boulder Falls Landscaping provides exceptional pergola construction in Vancouver WA and Portland OR.When warm weather arrives, a homeowner wants to make sure their outdoor space is functional and looks beautiful. One of the best ways to achieve a unique patio or backyard is with pergola construction. Pergolas are used to cover an area and provide shade or to offer a place to hang plants. The professionals at Boulder Falls Landscape are hardscape specialists who always create practical and aesthetically pleasing exterior spaces for all clients.

Reasons to Hire a Pergola Contractor

It is common for a homeowner to approach pergola construction as a DIY project. It is possible to purchase a generic kit that can be assembled without professional assistance. However, this can be quite expensive and requires skills and tools for correct installation. Many individuals do not understand the safety issues involved with the project. For example, pressure-treated wood or a concrete base is necessary to stabilize the structure. Also, if the pergola will be placed over an existing deck, bolt-down brackets are a must. When installing wooden pergolas, a person will need to purchase additional pieces and hardware, which raises the cost.

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Professional Pergola Ideas and Design

A better option for most homeowners is hiring a skilled pergola design expert. This is the only way to receive a custom design that complements a space and accommodates specific lighting needs and audio equipment. All of these intricacies will require the expertise of a professional.

Hiring a pergola design expert will save time as well. Prepping the area will be a timely task that requires patience, especially during the leveling process. Professionals have experience that allows them to get to work and complete all installation tasks much quicker than novices.

A contractor may end up saving a homeowner money on the pergola installation. Although it is necessary to pay for the labor, there will be no mistakes that require replacement materials. When dealing with high-end pergola materials, eliminating the need to replace damaged pieces of wood may cover the cost of professional services.

Wood Pergola Options

Installing a wood pergola is sure to increase a property’s value. Using wood in the project makes it easy to customize to client specifications, including size and color. It is simple to paint or stain so that it blends with the rest of the home. The only thing to consider is the type of wood to use. Here are some types of wood that can be used for pergola construction:

  • Cedar. Cedar is a hardy wood that withstands the elements, and it is very simple to paint. Thanks to its lightweight composition, it is easy to handle.
  • Pressure-treated Pine. Although this option is not as aesthetically pleasing as others, it is inexpensive and lasts a long time. This makes it a smart choice for budget-minded homeowners. It is treated with a pesticide, so it repels insects and will not rot.
  • Douglas Fir. Fir is a beautiful choice, but it must be elevated from the ground and periodically inspected for damage.

Whether a person is interested in pergola ideas and design, or construction that cover a small garden or one that umbrellas a large outdoor kitchen, Boulder Falls Landscape will get the job done. Vancouver WA is known for its wondrous natural surroundings, so having an outdoor retreat will provide a place to relax comfortably in the elements.