Synthetic Grass Installation


Young boy laying down on artificial grass. Boulder Falls Landscaping provides professional artificial grass installation in Vancouver WA and Camas WA.

No more mud! No more mowing! Boulder Falls Landscaping is proud to offer artificial grass installation. With artificial grass, you’ll have the look and feel of grass without all of the maintenance. Whether you want synthetic grass for your putting green or for your entire yard, we’ll create a custom design and install it for you.

Our artificial grass is not like your grandparent’s fake green patio carpet. Our synthetic grass products are made from premium materials. They’re not only designed to last, but they also look realistic. Our artificial grass is comprised of 1 ½ inch green blades mixed with brown blades to mimic the look of a natural lawn.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

  • Adds beauty
  • No more mud!
  • Lush, green lawn all year long
  • Water conservation
  • Very little maintenance; just sweeping with a stiff broom
  • Eco-friendly: they use recycled materials and help reduce gas emissions by not needing to mow
  • Durable, UV stabilization protects it from color fading
  • No more pest problems
  • Built to last: most artificial turf is designed to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years
  • Versatility: artificial grass can be installed on rooftops, dog runs, or in your own backyard
  • Non-toxic
  • No more weeds

Pets also become used to artificial grass over time, so you won’t have to deal with mud-tracks after letting them out to do their business.

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Artificial grass in backyard of home. Artificial Grass Installation From Boulder Falls Landscape in Vancouver WA and Camas WA.

How Artificial Grass Installed

Interest in synthetic grass has increased these past several years because of the desire to reduce maintenance and help conserve water. If you’re looking at installing synthetic grass, here are the steps we take.

  1. Base preparation: For people who deal with standing water because of clay soil, a gravel base with sand is used, similar to a paver patio base, to allow better drainage.
  2. Weed barrier installation: a weed barrier is installed to help prevent weeds from taking root and growing up through your synthetic grass.
  3. Grass acclimation: synthetic grass comes in rolls, so it needs to be rolled out at least 2 hours before it is installed to make it more pliable.
  4. Position and trimming: debris and dirt are removed from the top layer before the artificial grass placed on top and into position.
  5. Securing: final trims are made and grass rolls are secured to the base using nails and seaming tape when necessary.
  6. Filling: We sweep the artificial grass with a power broom to get the blades standing straight-up, then we apply a fill over it and spread it evenly.

Cost For Artificial Grass

The cost of artificial grass can vary depending on:

  • The size of your project/property
  • If existing grass needs to be removed
  • The materials used

While artificial grass can be costly initially the installation will pay for itself in about 3 to 5 years because of the lack of maintenance expenses accrued from natural lawn care. If you’d like a more accurate cost of your artificial grass installation, contact us, we provide free estimates!

Artificial grass in backyard of home. Artificial Grass Installation From Boulder Falls Landscape in Vancouver WA and Camas WA.

Professionals in Artificial Grass Installation

Ready to transform your lawn and make your neighbors jealous? Artificial grass is the way to go. It provides the look and feel of natural turf without the maintenance. One great thing about artificial grass is that it can be cut to fit any space. So if you want to complete your look with stone pavers, you can! Boulder Falls Landscaping is your local source for quality landscaping services including artificial grass installation and paver installation services. We serve businesses and homeowners in the Vancouver WA and Camas WA area and we provide free estimates!



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