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Before Picture Deck and Patio

Before Picture Deck and Patio Before Picture Raise Paver Patio

This is an exciting landscape construction project in Vancouver WA.  We bid against a composite deck and added a lower patio.  The price of raising a stone paver patio vs building a composite deck turned out to be the least expensive option. 
We now get to build a longer lasting, better looking, easier to maintain product.  The idea is to build a retaining wall out of Pisa 2 wall block back filling it with compacted gravel.  Once we get it to grade we will grade it out and set our pavers and build a stair system down to the lower patio.

Before Picture Raised Paver Patio

Before Picture Raise Paver Patio

The build up is finally done.  There is a layer of engineered netting about two layers down and some Portland cement to help strengthen the compacted gravel fill.  This patio isn’t going anywhere.  In the next few days we will work on pavers and lighting.

Raised Deck and Patio

Raised Deck and Patio

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