Hatfield APR’10
April 5, 2010


Hatfield Before Picture



Excavation of the Hatfield Patio



We are excavating the Hatfield patio down to undisturbed native soil.  We ran into a soft spot in the center and had to excavate a small area down even further to make sure the patio is stable


Paver Patio with Harvest Blend Paleo paver and a Charcoal Paleo boarder


This is the finished product.  We used Harvest Blend Paleo pavers with a Charcoal Paleo paver boarder to trim it out.  There is a matching step made out of Pisa 2 wall block with a Charcoal Reverser block as the stair tred.   It was finished off with a handful of plants and some organic soil as a bark dust to give it a rich black look. This project took 4 days to complete.


Paleo paver patio with a Pisa 2 step

Finished Product 2


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