When to Apply Fertilizer

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When to Apply Fertilizer

January/February            Turf Gro 20-3-7 Cool Season (slow release)

Scotts GREEN MAX Southern Lawn Fertilizer

April/May                            Turf Gro 23-2-10 Spring

Scotts GREEN MAX Southern Lawn Fertilizer

June/July/Aug                   Turf Gro 24-2-9 Summer

Scotts Super Turf Builder with Summer Guard

Sept/Oct                              Turf Gro 21-2-15 Winterizer

Scotts Lawn Pro Super Turf Builder with Winter guard

Nov/Dec                              Turf Gro 20-3-7 Cool Season

Scotts GREEN MAX Southern Lawn Fertilizer

Your soil will affect how often and in what quantity you will need to fertilize.   There are several choices of fertilizer on the market and as a result sometimes it’s just easier to do nothing rather than try to figure it out.  Or maybe you took a stab at it and now your grass is 8” tall and growing faster every day. In Decoding Fertilizer we help to explain why this happened in more detail.  But don’t give up.

In Vancouver Washington we have several soil types that landscapes are built on: Loam, Clay, Sand, and any mixture of these.  Clay tends to pass water much slower and means that chemicals/fertilizers tend to stay on the surface a little long than sandy soils.  So if you have a clay soil under your landscape you will likely only have to fertilize 4 times a year.  However, if you have a high sand soil, plan on fertilizing 5 and up to 6 times a year.

As a general rule:

Fertilize 5 times a year

Use a slow release fertilizer.  10-12 week duration.

Use a broad cast spreader. DO NOT use a drop spreader.

If in doubt give us a call: Boulder Falls Inc.  360-991-1347

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