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When considering hiring a landscaping contractor, it’s essential to make sure that the business is well established and familiar with local weather conditions, local growing seasons and Home Owner Association needs. Boulder Falls Landscaping specializes in Home Owners Association Landscape Maintenance, providing basic HOA landscape Maintenance needs like irrigation system installation and repair, mowing and edging and seasonal landscape maintenance. Seasonal maintenance includes fertilizing, pruning and leaf cleanup. Aerating and thatching services and moss control are also available.

Spring and fall cleanups are an important aspect of HOA landscape Maintenance needs. Boulder Falls Landscaping performs the full seasonal cleanups and maintenance necessary to keep properties looking their best. Regular leaf blowing in the fall is as important as mowing in the summer for a neat, healthy lawn. Letting fallen leaves build up can kill grass and create an unhealthy musty atmosphere. Pruning must be done in cool weather when the sap is down in order to preserve the health of trees and decorative bushes. Pruning in autumn also helps flowering trees and shrubs produce more blooms in spring and summer. Fall cleanup includes sprinkler system blowout, drainage, and insulation if necessary. In winter, Boulder Falls Landscaping is available for snow removal, de-icing and preparation for severe weather.

Professional Landscape Maintenance

Home Owners Association Landscape Maintenance for spring may require removal of fallen tree branches and cutting down broken branches. Irrigation systems often require attention after a harsh winter, as do driveways. Boulder Falls Landscaping is an ICPI certified paver as well as a landscaping service and can repair and repave weather damaged driveways. Retaining walls can also be weakened or damaged by snow and ice and should be inspected as part of spring cleanup.

There’s more to summer HOA landscape Maintenance than mowing. Sprinkler systems should be checked regularly and may need to be reprogrammed based on the weather or local water usage requirements. Regular cleaning is a must for water elements like ponds. Lawns should be aerated and fertilized for thick, even grass growth, and issues like ant infestations or yellow jacket nests in yards should be dealt with at the first sign of a problem.

Boulder Falls Landscaping technicians are licensed, bonded and insured. Boulder Falls Landscaping is a BIA member. Professional technicians will ensure that Home Owners Association Landscaping Maintenance requirements are adhered to as set out in the HOA Protective Covenants or Articles of Incorporation. In addition to maintenance, emergency services like cleanup after a storm are available. Boulder Falls Landscaping is the preferred local landscaping service for Vancouver and surrounding area residents living in HOA neighborhoods.

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