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French Drain Installation in Vancouver WA and Battle Ground Washington from Boulder Falls IncProper drainage of water is essential to maintaining a healthy foundation, preventing water from drowning the lawn, controlling the growth of undesirable organisms, and minimizing soil erosion.The problem is that drainage is not always easy to obtain. Perfect drainage requires changing the overall grade to a property, which is costly in terms of both labor and time.
French drain systems represent one of the better options for minor to moderate drainage problems. This can allow for these problems to succinctly be resolved in a way that is quick, simple and cost-effective.

Understanding French Drains

The key to understanding why French drain installation is so useful revolves around knowing how these drains work. A French drain is a method of draining that diverts the flow of water, then spreads it over a large area. This allows the water to be distributed elsewhere rather than pooling in yards or affecting the foundation of a home. The beauty of French drain systems is the fact that the drain can start in a small area. The water diversion can occur over an area of several square feet, which in turn allows for a greater amount of water to seep into the nearby ground.

What is Required for Proper French Drain Installation?

French drain systems require several things to be installed properly. This includes an understanding of how water drains, the source of the water, where the water should be diverted, and what issues the French drain should safeguard against.In an ideal situation, a French drain should only have a mouth that is as large as needed. It should not be too small, as smaller drains increase the likelihood of dirt and other debris clogging the entrance, which in turn diminishes the life of the drain.The drain should be installed in an area where the ground is stable. This helps to ensure that the drain will function for a suitable period without causing undesirable and unplanned side effects.

What Can French Drains Solve?

French drain systems primarily fix issues where water may collect in one area. The condensate line of central heat and air systems is one such place where this may occur, especially in humid areas during the height of summer. The proximity and volume of water can cause foundation issues if the condensate line is drained directly to the ground. Pooling water in the yard is another problem that French drain installation can fix. This problem can lead to grass dying, the growth of mold and mildew, and the excess of insects like mosquitoes and cockroaches when left untreated.

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