Backyard Fire Pits

The Benefits of Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces


Outdoor back yard fire pit and fireplace installation and construction by Boulder Falls Inc in Vancouver WAWhen homeowners are interested in beautifying their backyards or patios, custom built backyard fire pits and fireplaces are the ideal solutions. Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces can be built to suit individual needs. They make excellent additions to any backyard to accent a sitting area. Besides being an interesting addition to a patio, a back yard fire pit provides a number of benefits.

Add Value to Your Home with Fireplace Construction 

Custom-build patio fireplaces increase a home’s property value and ambiance. Solid block construction offers long lasting quality that beautifies the spaces and adds function to the outdoors by providing aesthetically pleasing places for families to gather. Many times, homeowners incorporate built-in flat screen televisions, water elements, and other luxury features into the fireplace units. When it comes time to sell, these additions impact potential buyers. This means the investments bring personal enjoyment and will boost the future saleability of the houses. These extra features will stand out when it comes time to move on.

Outdoor Fireplace vs. Backyard Fire Pits

The latest trends in home decor include ways to extend entertainment space. Outdoor fireplaces allow homeowners to entertain visitors inside and outside their houses. A landscape professional will design the perfect gathering spot so that guests feel welcome. As cooler temperatures arrive, a back yard fire pit supplies extra heat so that exterior entertainment is still possible. Chilly summer nights and fall’s crisp air make fantastic backdrops for outdoor gatherings, especially with the mystical flicker of fire ablaze.

Fire Pit Installation by Boulder Falls

Custom built patio fire pits are excellent sources of warmth and comfort. Individuals are able to spend more time on their patios during cool evenings thanks to these custom built fire pits. With the variety of heating options, it is possible to use propane without hassle. For a campfire atmosphere, wood burning fireplaces are available as well.

For over 16 years, Boulder Falls Landscaping has been providing services to customers around the Vancouver area. This company’s certified technicians meet with homeowners to design the perfect outdoor spaces. Some of the business’s most popular requests are custom built block patio fire pits that enhance backyard environments. They create beautiful focal points for gatherings and bring function to the areas.

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